Why can’t I find love, no one wants to date me and the girl I like is to busy talking about other guys who doesn’t even care about her and it upsets me when she ask me about other guys and it makes me sad when the person who really cares about her the most […]

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The Worlds against me

Have you ever feel like the world is against you, well I do everyday I just want to kill myself and get rid of the pain when I see my crush with her boyfriend and the hardest thing is that I really can’t ignore them when I see them together I just want to kill […]

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Day in VA Beach

So after Renew was over me and my family went to Virginia beach and it took a long time to get there and we left at 6 in the morning and we had to stop to get ice for our cooler and when we were driving we made 3 pit stops and when we got […]

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Renew 2k18

Im going to talk about my week at renew camp 2018 so before renew had started on Saturday I had to play a graduation and I did not like playing for graduation because its really boring then I relised that Im going to be in that exact are in 2 years and Im a junior […]

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A random story

I have a story, guy and girl are great friends have things in common then after a while guy wants to girls boyfriend, he writes letters to her about how he feels about her, she writes back to him and she said she wants to be friends guy understands, then weeks, or months go by […]

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So there are some things I want to talk about, mainly about school and what is happening so me and Bethany hasn’t talked that much and I can see she is sad most of the days and I want to help her but every time I talk stupid stuff comes out my mouth and I […]

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Please read this Bethany…

This post is just ment for one person and one person only, Bethany if you are reading this then I want to tell you that im worried about you I haven’t seen you in 3 days and Im scared and Im freaking out I can’t focus in school everyone thinks Im fine but I am […]

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I don’t know if me and my crush are still friends because we don’t talk that much anymore every time we text its like all my conversation with my friends where we only speak for like 30 seconds to a minute but I don’t know what to do. Im still writing my book and Ive […]

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Just thingsĀ 

Im starting to draw more and write more then I uses to, my depression is getting worse then it was before and only one peraon an help me and its my crush and she helps sometimes, but she can’t always help me and over winter break she said she was going to kill herself and […]

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